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Rootsecure.net features comprehensive hand picked links to the new security related news articles every day, along with a daily mailing list bringing the latest security news direct to your inbox every morning.
Site Timeline:
  • 4th September 2002 - Domain name registered.
  • 6th September 2002 - Preliminary test site implemented.
  • 8th September 2002 -  Full site launched.
  • 21st March 2003 - Numerous updates carried out, including the implementation of an RSS XML feed, permalinks, and date stamps to posts, along with re-coding of the archive viewing page.
  • 15th April 2003 - Old news items archived to improve loading speed of permalinks.
  • 2nd May 2003 - 'Daily Security Newsletter' added to the site.
  • 5th May 2003 - Poll indicates interest in a site forum - Custom coded RootBoard added to the site (now removed).
  • 19th May 2003 - Security news XML feeds for various sites now available.
  • 31st May 2003 - Changed hosting providers from esitehost.co.uk to magicalsoup.com.  With Magic Soup Rootsecure.net has ample room for expansion in terms of bandwidth, and space.
  • 26th August 2003 - RSS XML news headlines feed display script updated.
  • 4th September2003 - Coding for site redesign (Rootsecure.net v2) started.
  • 20th October 2003 - Call for site version 2 beta testers / volunteers.
  • 1st December 2003 - Feedback gained from volunteers.
  • 20th December 2003 - Full site code update / redesign near completion.  Site migrated onto a custom coded PHP database driven system.
  • 1st January 2004 - New PHP site officially launched.
  • 19th September 2004 - Backend news gathering engine updated.
  • 19th September 2004 - Backend news sources site list updated.
  • 20th November 2004 - Full text feed support added.
  • 1st December 2004 - Audio / Podcast support added.
Rootsecure.net runs from custom php code written by the webmaster.
More general background on the site can be found in this June, 2003 article.

Webmaster Notice 2010-10-30: Rootsecure.net was started in September 2002 because I enjoyed keeping up to date on the latest security news, vulnerabilities, novel attack vectors and I started publishing interesting links I came across on the site. Since then however after around 8 years of daily updates my interest in computer security has been slowly fading, and updating the site has changed from being a hobby to more of a task I just do out of habit.

Regular daily updates are therefore now on hold, possibly indefinitely.

Thank you for your support, links, and readership over the past 8 years.

Update 2010-11-02: I have now received several offers of assistance in maintaining the daily updates, which I am currently evaluating. Please check back in the future to see if any worked out.

Update 2010-11-16: After the offers of support received 2 weeks ago I have coded a contributor interface for Rootsecure.net in an attempt to see if the community can self sustain the daily updates of noteworthy security related news instead of the alternative of ceasing them all together. Unfortunately some of those who initially offered support have subsequently not come through, however others have, therefore daily updates will now resume on a trial basis but at a reduced level.