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downloader.txt - Automatically downloads e.g. a webcam image every 30 seconds.   file_downloader.txt - Automatically downloads a list of files.
html_getter.txt - Indirectly view a HTML page. messenger_interface.txt - Send messages to an MSN client.
pinger.txt - Ping A Specified host, and "net send" a notification message when it comes up.  (Windows only) referer_set1.txt - Set your "referer" value and 'get' a webpage.
referer_set2.txt - Set your "referer" value and "get" a webpage (advanced version). envvars_show.txt - Lists all ENV variables available.
binary_conv.txt - Binary to ASCII text, and ASCII text to binary converter. cmd_log.txt - Command prompt logger.
net_send_ips.txt - Send "net send" messages to entire IP address ranges. chat.zip - HTML chat room.
random_avatar.zip - Rotating avatar image script. apache_log_view.txt - Web based script to view only new hits in an Apache log file.
shell.txt - Execute commands on a server. remote_ftplcommand.zip - A suite of remote ftp/remote cmd programs.
nti_spam.txt - Fill up spammers databases with fake email addresses. irc_chat_bot.txt - An IRC chat bot which responds to key trigger words with pre-set phrases.
cgi_honeypot.txt - Script to log script kiddies looking for vulnerable cgi-bin programs. rootboard.zip - Simple Perl discussion board.
ip_resolver.txt - Go through Apache log files and resolve the hostnames for all IP's found. md5hash_database.txt - Experimental code to create an MD5 hash database for quick cracking of passwords.
cron_comp.txt - Automate the task of setting up cron jobs. govmilhits_php.txt - (PHP script) Go through Apache log files picking out gov/mil visitors.
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