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Downloads | Win32 Tools
mdcrack_v1.2.exe - MD4/5 password brute forcer for testing the security of passwords.
nmapwin_v1.3.1.exe - utility for network exploration or security auditing.
{insecure.org/nmap & sourceforge.net/projects/nmapwin}
netcat_v1.1.zip - Reads and writes data across network connections.
cryptcat_v1.0.0.zip - Reads and writes encrypted data across network connections.
ettercap_v0.6.9.exe - Multipurpose sniffer/interceptor/logger for switched LAN. {ettercap.sourceforge.net} windump_v3.8.exe - Network sniffer/analyzer (port of tcpdump).
spade_v1.14.exe - Network query tool.
john_v1.6.zip - Password cracker for detecting weak Unix passwords.
RedCliffWebHistorian-v1.1Setup.exe - Review web histories for Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, Opera and Safari.
{Red Cliff Web Historian 1.1}