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2600.com 2600 "The Hacker Quarterly"
ftp.2600.com 2600 "The Hacker Quarterly" FTP
h2k2.net International Conference "Hackers On Planet Earth Two"
hal2001.org International Conference "Hackers At Large"
h2k.net International Conference "Hackers On Planet Earth"
london2600.org.uk London 2600
brum2600.net Birmingham 2600
2600.org.au 2600 Australia
dublin.2600.ie Dublin 2600
ccc.de Chaos Computer Club
defcon.org International Conference "Defcon"
kevinmitnick.com The official site of Kevin Mitnick
takedown.com Story of Kevin Mitnick
cgsecurity.org Password recovery information
amazon.fr Takedown the movie on DVD
amazon.co.uk Hacking Exposed Books
amazon.co.uk The Fugitive Game Book
underground-book.com Tails Of Hacking
http://hacks.mit.edu Stories Of Classic Hacks At MIT
warchalking.org The Original Home Of War Chalking
http://hacks.mit.edu War Chalking
kismetwireless.net Kismet (wireless network discovery)
netstumbler.com Net Stumbler (wireless network discovery)
port7alliance.com Port 7 Alliance homepage
rawlogic.com Net Brute Scanner
hakin9.org IT Security Magazine