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Groups / Resources
seattlewireless.net Wireless Broadband Community In Seattle
wardriving.com Home Of Wardriving
warchalking.org Creating A Hobo-Language For Free Wireless Networking
wirelessanarchy.com Creating Your Own Long Range Infrastructure
80211b.weblogger.com Wi-Fi News
free2air.org Open Distributed Public Wireless Network Infrastructure
consume.net UK Wi-Fi Community Group
nycwireless.net New York City Wi-Fi Community Group
kismetwireless.net Wireless Network Sniffer
freenetworks.org Community Networks
richmondfreewireless.org Richmond Free Wireless
ackers.org.uk When Wire Isn's Enough
practicallynetworked.com Wireless Networking Reference
nodedb.com Community Wireless Node Database Project
wi-find.com Find Your Local Free Wi-Fi Access Point Or Hotspot
nocat.net Community Supported 802.11b Wireless Network In Sonoma County, CA
vonwentzel.net/ABS Sharing Apple Base Station Experiences
macwindows.com Cross-Platform AirPort
hwireless-warrior.org The resource about Wi-Fi information for WLAN admins and advanced wardrivers
netstumbler.com Proudly Stumbling A Street Near You
stumbler.net Stumbler Dot Net
freshmeat.net/releases/92480802.11b Network Sniffer & Network Dissector
bretmounet.com/ApSniff Wireless Access Point Sniffer
airsnort.shmoo.com AirSnort Homepage
Equipment Suppliers
wirelesscentral.net Every brand of Wireless LAN
teletronics.com One-Stop-Total-Solution Equipment Provider
boingo.com Nation's Easiest-To-Use Wi-Fi Internet Service Provider
expansys.com UK Wi-FI Equipment Stockiest
fab-corp.com Specialists In Wireless Networking Hardware
wildpackets.com Network Protocol Analysis, Troubleshooting
hyperlinktech.com Wireless LAN Networking Equipment
orinocowireless.com Wireless Networks
cisco.com Cisco Wireless LAN Products
proxim.com The Capacity To Do Great Things