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Various hacking related media, including video documentaries / audio clips (not all content is office safe).
Freedom Downtime [offline due to excessive bandwidth usage] (308mb) - A feature length documentary about the Free Kevin movement and the hacker world. [freedomdowntime.com]
Unauthorized Access (101mb) - An insiders view of the computer cracker underground. The filming took place all across the United States, Holland and Germany. "Unauthorized Access" looks at the personalities behind the computers screens and aims to separate the media hype of the 'outlaw hacker' from the reality.  [bianca.com/bump/ua/]
New York City Hackers [offline due to excessive bandwidth usage] (218mb) - Hackers; malicious vandals or cyberspace freedom fighters? In the last few years hacking have become synonymous with electronic crime in the media and the public mind. The federal agencies strikes down hard on any offender it catches, and all off a sudden what has earlier been considered intellectual games becomes serious business...This documentary looks at the "2600" community in New York City of today, its meetings and conferences, political annotations, and historically explores the roots of the definition 'hacking' amongst the model train enthusiasts at MIT...
HAL 2001 [offline due to excessive bandwidth usage] (109mb) - Video documentary of HAL 2001 produced by the CCC [ccc.de]
Honeynet Video (42mb) - Video produced by the honeynet project. [honeynet.org]
Hackers 95 (43.6mb) - Video documentary from Defcon. [defcon.org]
Employing a Hacker (3.2mb) - Humorous video aimed at those considering employing hackers.
Space Station 5 (93mb) - Selected audio clips originally broadcast on Space Station 5, a radio station set up at HAL 2001.
WI2600: Why not to ... off your network support guy (59mb) - Short video from WI2600 on various data destruction methods. [wi2600.org]
What was once possible with the telephone system (34mb) - A history of phone phreak culture previous to the statute of limitations. [tomanddarryl.org]

Links to mirrors of above files can be found on the video links page.