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9th June, 2008 Commercial Caller ID Spoofing Site Launches In The UK
7th February, 2006 Locate almost anyone in the UK without their permission
1st June, 2005 Review: The Red Balloon DVD - A look at espionage, wiretapping, and other surveillance techniques
3rd May, 2005 Infosecurity Europe 2005 Audio Tour
21st February, 2005 Paris Hilton's phonebook hacked, posted online (+ how it could have been done)
5th November, 2004 SMS (text message) Spoofing
26th September, 2004 Internet Explorer arbitrary command execution (user interaction required)
8th July, 2004 Automated Caller ID / ANI Spoofing
23rd March, 2004 Grandstream BudgeTone-100 series VOIP SIP Phone multiple DOS vulnerabilities
29th February, 2004 Multiple US Navy "ih" subdomains defaced
16th February, 2004 Gigabyte arrested, charged with "computer data sabotage"
12th January, 2004 Associated Press leak celebrity phone numbers
28th December, 2003 Rootsecure.net version 2
11th September, 2003 In Depth: Adrian Lamo, the charges
8th July, 2003 Sunday Defacement Contest - Full analysis of what happened
3rd July, 2003 Sunday Defacement Contest
29th June, 2003 Serial website defacer DkD arrested in France
21st June, 2003 phpBB 2.0.5 (latest release) SQL injection vulnerability
16th June, 2003 Rootsecure.net a look back
15th June, 2003 Reverse command execution exploit via IRC analysis
15th June, 2003 300 NetWeaver sites defaced again
10th June, 2003 Attempted 'hack' against Rootsecure.net
10th May, 2003 856 NetWeaver sites defaced
8th May, 2003 'Internet Security Systems' uses honeypot excuse?
6th May, 2003 Digital attacks record broken
5th May, 2003 Website defacements from the past month and beyond
3rd May, 2003 Hackers Hack 'Script Kiddies'
3rd May, 2003 Security News sites in the spotlight
1st May, 2003 Hacker Wargame Research Project - finding out how Hackers think
21st April, 2003 Analysis of RSA 2003 conference coverage
18th April, 2003 Web Server Compromise?
15th April, 2003 Defencebills.gov.uk Defaced
1st April, 2003 Security Related April Fools 2003 Roundup
21st March, 2003 Was WhiteHouse.gov Hacked?
17th March, 2003 Ebay Censoring "inappropriate content"
14th March, 2003 What vendors should not do about security problems
3rd March, 2003 Security Q & A for the home user
23rd February, 2003 How defensivethinking.com got "hacked" for a second time
21st February, 2003 Invision Board On Cpanel 5.3.0 CSS
17th February, 2003 Blog Hijacking
2nd August, 2002 Privilege Escalation Vulnerability on phpBB 2.0.0