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Reports | Gigabyte arrested, charged with "computer data sabotage"
{16th Feb 2004}
Female virus writer Giabyte was recently arrested and charged with "computer data sabotage" by Belgian police, after apparently preparing to publish a virus which would have been the 17th of an illustrious career starting at age 14.

Gigabye shot to fame around March 2002 after releasing W32/Sharp-A the first virus to affect Microsof's C#. She was not shy of being interviewed or speaking out at those that dared to criticise her actions which likely raised her profile possibly a little higher than would be advisable when you are openly engaged in questionable activities. She has even been on TV thanks to cable station TechTV that travelled to her home town Mechelen, Belgium for an interview.

Gigabye's viruses were all faithfully published to her website located at
coderz.net/gigabyte (now offline - mirror) along with coderz.net (mirror) which served as place for fellow virus writers to publish their wares. 2134 hits had been recorded on the site by Saturday evening likely from those with cached copies of the site (Google, Archive.org).

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