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Reports | Infosecurity Europe 2005 Audio Tour
{3rd May 2005}
A series of short interviews recorded at Infosecurity Europe 2005, "Europe's number one, dedicated Information Security event" held at London Olympia, April 26th-28th.

Netstumbler scan screenshotThe event featured 13 unencrypted access points, around 650 exhibitors and a full schedule of seminars on issues ranging from Physical security to IT forensics.

All the big names in the Anti Virus industry made an appearance (Symantec, McAfee, AVG, Kaspersky), along with eEye, Cisco and Microsoft who ran a ‘Security Academy', with topics including "How to get your Network Hacked in 10 Easy Steps" and "Security Patch Management".

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Forensic Computing Ltd exhibitor David Lilburn Watson, Forensic Computing Ltd.

"One day I expect to forensically examine a fridge"

FCL provides a ‘one stop shop' for digital forensic services in relation to the investigation and handling of computers and intelligent devices containing information and data.

Ben Nagy, eEye Digital Security

"If you have got 6 months with nothing to do and you want to learn from the ground up you could start busting out bugs yourself"

eEye Digital Security is a leading vulnerability management software developer with a unique approach to enterprise security – eliminate vulnerabilities, rather than just thwart attacks

eEye Digital Security logo
British Computing Society exhibitor British Computing Society

"As a member you are entitled to buy [Microsoft] Office for just £110"

The industry body for IT professionals, and a Chartered Engineering Institution for Information Technology.

SyS64738, Zone-H

"It is really [interesting] to see how people are coming holding a badge with a very nice title like ‘Senior Analyst', and then they can't even pass a simple hacking test, that probably a 12 year old defacer could pass in 1 second"

Zone-H track web-based incidents and defacements for statistics purposes.

Zone-H banner
DkD blank image DkD, Reformed serial website defacer

"I [was accused of] defacing a French government website"

DkD also defaced the website of infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick, once described as "America's Most Wanted Computer Outlaw".

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Astaro Internet Security

‘Astaro Security Linux V5' free home user licence version available [Freshmean Project].

Astaro are a Firewall, VPN Gateway, Virus Protection, Intrusion Protection, Spam Protection, and Surf Protection (URL Filtering) software solution provider.

Astaro exhibitor
Sourcefire exhibitor Graham Welch, Sourcefire Network Security

Snort Rules - "If you wish you, can have them in advance of when we publish them to the open source community, ie when we publish them to out customers, and there is a nominal charge that we apply for that"

Sourcefire is the world leader in real-time network defence solutions, transforming the way organizations manage and minimize network security risks.


Infosecurity Europe overview 1 Infosecurity Europe overview 2 Infosecurity Europe overview 3

Unencrypted network statistics were gathered using Netstumbler with an Orinoco Gold 802.11a/b card from a single location opening day on the upper level at 12:42pm.  Networks may have been secured using other technologies such as VPN tunnelling.  An interviewee voiceover has been used, interviews have been edited for clarity / continuity purposes.

Music: Artificial Recreation by Void Main, LinuxTag Green OpenMusic License.

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