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Reports | 300 NetWeaver sites defaced again
{15th Jun 2003}
Around 300 websites are understood to have been affected yesterday / today after a group going by the name of 'Security Corp' compromised a virtual server belonging to NetWeaver limited.  This is the second high profile mass defacement of NetWeaver sites in as many months.  [Previously reported by Rootsecure.net on the 10th of May "856 NetWeaver sites defaced"]

NetWeaver initially responded by issuing the following statement:

--- Sat, 14th June 2003

Despite tight security on the 'new' mocha server; there has been a compromise today to the system. Although security was tightended considerbly lately; we, like anyone, are unable to stop a determined hacker

Ignoring the spelling errors, NetWeaver appear to be admitting that they are unable to properly secure their servers.  The obvious question is therefore why not.  Most other web hosts of which there must be many hundreds seem to be able to - if they did not then they would soon go out of business. 

It is certainly true that no system is or can be 100% secure, but security is a relative concept.  NetWeaver are not up against a hostile nation with all the resources that come with it attacking their server, but most likely group of individuals motivated by nothing more than pride who are "hacking" in their spare time.

Back to today, and another statement is released, (this time with only one spelling error) again offering little reassurance to any of their 300 loyally paying customers who now have to one again re-upload their index.htm files:
--- Sun, 15th June 2003

Sustained attack
It is apprearing that the attack on our network from Saturday is ongoing, with other parts of our server network today being attacked

At the time of publication - 11pm GMT, all affected sites still displayed the defacement message left by 'Security Corp'.