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Reports | Rootsecure.net a look back
{16th Jun 2003}
Since the site was first registered at the start of September 2002, it has rapidly grown, both in terms of content and hits.  Over 90,689 unique visits have been logged since then, with an average of roughly 120 (see below for current figures) unique hits per day.

It should be made clear that where the word "hacker" is used in the site slogan, it is done so under the loose definition of "computer security enthusiast", not someone who illegally breaks into systems in any way shape or form.

Visits to Rootsecure.net have been logged from numerous government agencies, (including DERA, SPAWAR, FNMOC, NCSC, DOD, DISA, NASA) security professionals, and companies all over the world.

Articles written for the site, and usually based on subjects left unreported elsewhere have been featured / linked to on various places across the internet ranging from Symantec's Security Focus, to Security News Portal, and Linux Security.  Some have been translated into Spanish and Portuguese by various other sites for their respective audiences.  The article "How defensivethinking.com got "hacked" for a second time" received over 1269 hits in February 2003 alone.

Recently the launch of the daily mailing list has been a big success and it is currently being send out to over 44 subscribers a number which is every increasing.  Those on the list include people from the US military, those affiliated with various US states, and other people just interested in the latest security news.

Emails have been received from people in companies such as BAE Systems, and US Air force personal "Thank you for the information on your web site is was most valuable… I was doing a risk analysis on a wireless keyboard".

Rootsecure.net recently worked with CPanel developers to correct a cross site scripting vulnerability, and has reported vulnerabilities in other products such as phpBB2.0.0 "open-source bulletin board package".

A number of projects are currently under consideration to expand the site in the future.

Update: As of May 2005 around 400 unique people visit the homepage and 560 receive the Daily Mailing List (Monday-Friday). Many more regularly download the RSS and Podcast feeds.