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Reports | SMS (text message) Spoofing
{5th Nov 2004}
Text messaging was first introduced as an "extra" available on GSM digital mobile / cellular phones, it allows the user to send a ~160 character message to a compatible phone and has gained in popularity particularly in Europe over the last few years.

The authenticity of messages is blindly trusted by the majority of users, however as with caller id it is relatively easily spoofable by anyone with basic computing / programming knowledge.

In order to raise awareness / demonstrate the issue Rootsecure.net is offering members the chance to send 10 text messages. To have this feature enabled on your account, email with your username stating on how you intend to use it.

Status: Not signed in.

SMS Spoofing proof of concept may not be compatible with all networks.

As of 2006-02-06 this proof of concept demo is no longer available.