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Reports | Sunday Defacement Contest
{3rd Jul 2003}
The domain name defacers-challenge.com was officially registered on June 21st 2003.  Shortly thereafter it began hosting a 3 page site containing details of a "Defacement challenge".  The goal of this challenge being to deface as many sites as possible within a 6 hour period on the morning of Sunday 6th July, with the contest being judged on the statistics of Zone-H.

Ordinarily defacers-challenge.com would likely just have been put down as a joke by many, which it may initially have been intended as, however statistics showing an increase in scanning activity, combined with a decrease in actual defacements prompted many security companies to issue advisories to their clients.  Shortly thereafter the 'Associated Press' received word and released its own story, which was promptly picked up by sites all around the world.

Some companies could not resist the opportunity for a publicity stunt, such as Qualys Inc. who announced an offer of a "free security test to companies concerned about the reported hacker attacks predicted for July 6, 2003".  Qualys provide security solutions to enterprises.

It is worth pointing out the extreme difficulty any group would experience in actually setting up a coordinated website defacement contest on their own, however with the help of the media at large publicising details of the event, the task suddenly becomes a whole lot easier.

Now all that's left to do is wait and see if the contest lives up to all the hype.  So far however things are not looking promising - Zone-H has been experiencing intermittent technical difficulties since news of the contest spread.

Update: 03/07/03@15:00

‘Eleonora[67]' associated with defacers-challenge.com was reached for comment and stated that the competition was not being operated for personal gain, but as a "gift and a challenge" to people for which he/she has "great respect".

Eleonora[67] went on to mention that the challenge, was originally intended only for the "underground", and had been under significant pressure to be called it off due the publicity given to it by the media at large.

Excerpt from email:

  The challenge will continue.  The website is down but 2 others mirrors are up tomorrow.  Participants can still enter this challenge until day 5 of July (by sending a mail to {edit}).  Many people from the underground are helping me in this contest.

This challenge does not have capitalist intuitive.  The defacers are always humiliated but the underground is strong, I want to show everybody the real power of theses guys.

Spelling / grammar correction have been made - original text available on request.
{edit} signifies where content has been changed in the interest limiting exposure, and therefore defacements.

Eleonora[67]'s email sent in response to a request for comments originated from a French IP address not found to be running proxies on any common ports, leading to the conclusion he/she is indeed French, and was not using the machine as a go-between.

Update: 08/07/03@13:44

A full analysis of what actually happened is now available at http://www.rootsecure.net/?p=reports/sunday_defacement_contest_full_analysis

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