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Reports | Website defacements from the past month and beyond
{5th May 2003}
A collection of the more notable recent digital attacks.
  • security.caltech.edu - caltech crippled by CyPeRtRoN
  • 2600dfw.com ‘dalas fort worth chapter' doneover by BugBear
  • unixonline.co.uk becomes unixoffline because of ‘haxors lab'
  • hotbot.lycos.com is hit and disabled due to DarkHunter
  • having-a-bad-day.com has a bad day on the 4th of May thanks to ‘hax0rs lab'
  • nmclph.med.navy.mil & nhbeaufort.med.navy.mil - military sites modified
  • acmespyschool.com altered by BI0S
  • swampsoundsystem.com sunk
  • deescleaning.com disabled
  • dvecc-jax.med.navy.mil damaged by DkD[||
  • detroitwebworks.com reworked
  • decorativedetail.com decorated

Relevant Links
security.caltech.edu --- Zone-H
2600dfw.com   Zone-H
unixonline.co.uk   Zone-H
hotbot.lycos.com   Zone-H
having-a-bad-day.com   Zone-H
nmclph.med.navy.mil   Zone-H
nhbeaufort.med.navy.mil   Zone-H
dvecc-jax.med.navy.mil   Zone-H
acmespyschool.com   Zone-H
swampsoundsystem.com   Zone-H
deescleaning.com   Zone-H
detroitwebworks.com   Zone-H
decorativedetail.com   Zone-H