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Security News RSS Feeds {beta}
Comprehensive security related news RSS feeds list.

Mailing list feeds - Provided by Rootsecure.net (with option of inline message body)

Security Focus BugTraq [titles only | full text] "Full disclosure moderated mailing list"
Full Disclosure [titles only | full text] Unmoderated security discussion list
Security Focus Security Basics [titles only | full text] "Security issues mailing list"
TSCM [titles only | full text] For the "TSCM, Counter Intelligence, and technical security community"
JUSTNET News [titles only | full text] "Law Enforcement & Corrections Technology News Summary"
VoIPSec [titles only | full text] "Moderated general discussion list about VoIP security issues, VoIP security technologies, and related topics"

Note: Mailing list feeds are produced, from received email and have a degree of intelligence necessary to save bandwidth and offer this service (each feed will only show unread items once, request the same feed again and it will show no items until new emails are sent to the specified list).  You must use the unique links generated from this site otherwise feeds will not work.

The above feeds are in beta and as such may be discontinued at any time.

Security News Feeds

Hack In The Box [RSS feed] "Keeping Knowledge Free"
SANS Handlers Diary [RSS feed]
F-Secure Weblog [RSS feed] "Weblog of the F-Secure Antivirus Research Team"
TaoSecurity [RSS feed]
Dana Epp's Weblog [RSS feed] "Life, the Universe and everything Security"
Schneier on Security [RSS feed] "Weblog covering security and security technology"
Kasperky Lab Weblog [RSS feed] "Analyst's Diary"
Linux Exposed [RSS feed] "The Linux Security and Hacking Resource"
InfoSec Writers [RSS feed] "The Information Security Writers group"
InfoSec Officer [RSS feed] "Follow an Information Security Investigator as he recounts his unique experiences working with federal, corporate, and military institutions"
Linux Security [RSS feed] "The Community's Center for Security"
Security Focus [RSS feed] "The Largest Community of Security Professionals Available Anywhere"
IT Observer [RSS feed] "Information Technology Security Magazine"
Castle Cops [RSS feed]
Zone-H News [RSS feed] "The Internet thermometer"
2600 [RSS feed] "The Hacker Quarterly"
Net-Security [RSS feed]
Net-Security Vulnerabilities [RSS feed]
Whitedust [RSS feed] "Where hackers and CSO's get their news fix"
Secunia [RSS feed] "Vulnerability and Virus Information"
Computer World Security [RSS feed] "Security news from Computer Worlds security knowledge center"
Government Computer Security [RSS feed] "Federal, state and local government technology"
ZDNet US Security [RSS feed] "Where technology means business"
ZDNet UK Security [RSS feed] "Where technology means business"
CNet Security [RSS feed] "Tech news first"
Network World Fusion Security [RSS feed]
Info World Security [RSS feed]
Silicon Security [RSS feed] "Security Strategy News, Analysis, and Comment"
eWeek Security [RSS feed] "Enterprise Technology News and Reviews"
SecurityTracker Vulnerabilities [RSS feed]
Microsoft Security [RSS feed]
OSVD [RSS feed] Open source vulnerability database created by and for the community
More Over Computer Security News [RSS feed]

General Technology Related Feeds

Politechbot [RSS feed] "The moderated mailing list of politics and technology"
Wired Magazine [RSS feed]
Slashdot [RSS feed] "News for Nerds, Stuff that matters"
Netcraft [RSS feed]
Reuters Technology News [RSS feed]

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