During the past week colloguy part of the underground noticed the defacers-challenge.com website - a competition for Hackers. There were a number of online news sites which also reported it including UOL, Globe, Info Guerra etc.

Some hackers have apparently signed up to take part, perhaps as an attempt to get into the media or something. A true Defacer would not do this. We think the competition is a waste of time, therefore we will not participate.

The competition was to be judged on the statistics collected by Zone-H since it is a popular defacement mirror site.

We planned and executed a DDoS attack directed at Zone-H so that they were unable to take mirrors of the defacements on the 6th of July, as a type of online protest.

After the attack started Zone-H was intermittently offline for 15 minutes. After 30 minutes we increased the number of computer involved, which resulted in the site being completely unreachable. At the time of writing Zone-H is still offline.

Be warned, if you try to carry out another website defacement championship we will carry out another DDoS.

Our members are as follows:

Nick Group
Xtarget DYR
L0rd_Byr0n CrookieS
phyr3 Security Corp
badsector Security Corp
w4r10ck P(\)W
Gui Perfect.BR
trash[4] TimeOut
TheFugitive -
Dark_Be7a -

Note: Translated from Portuguese to English by Rootsecure.net
This is an approximate translation only.