Usage Instructions (data gathering)

1. Goto the board you wish to change the permissions for in the
   normal way using a browser.
2. Find the base directory location of the board for the script,
   i.e. if the main page was
   the base directory location would be
   and then edit the HTML source of this page so that the line
   <form method="post" action="">
   holds the correct location to the admin page of the script.
3. Goto the boards "Memberlist" page (usually located at the top
   with the rest of the links)
4. Search the "Memberlist" page for the specific account you wish
   to change the permissions for, and click the account name to bring
   up the profile.
5. Note down the number right at the end of the page URL you are
   currently on where it says "u=?".  (If no 
   users have been deleted from the board, then the number next to your
   username on the members list page under the # column will be your
   true user number, otherwise it will not. - Therefore it can not be
   relied upon.)
6. Click the "logout" button on the forum (if you do not do this it
   wont work, and will give you a message about not being authorized)
7. Type that number in the user ID box below, and click submit.

Note: After clicking submit you will get a page asking you to log in, simply ignore this
and then go and log into the forum in the usual way. - If it was successful, there will
be a link at the bottom of every board page saying "Go to Administration Panel"
and additional options will appear on screen when you are viewing a specific thread to 
enable you to edit or delete posts in it etc.

User Level :

User ID: